Selected Artists and Exhibition on the theme of Carnival

A stone's throw from the Janiculum, The Astrolabe Gallery of Rome selects artists for display permanently in the gallery and works for the exhibition on the theme of Carnival 28 Feb – 6 March 2012
Inauguration: 28 February 2012 hours 18:00

The works are selected by the Art Critic Mara Ferloni and Artistic Director Tamara Cibei. The theme of the carnival also extends to works
abstract, informal.

Artists can participate in the following ways:

  • two paintings up to 60×70;
  • a sculpture (for the sculptures to informing you about);
  • photographic works;
  • poetry reading

The participation fee is € 55 to cover expenses.
The membership must be confirmed by 25 February, and entries must be received no later than 26 February.

Among the works selected participants will work for the critics' prize, to extract critical.

The exhibition will present Dr. Mara Ferloni, Art Critic and Artistic Director Tamara Cibei.

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