How it works

To accept the offer, just follow these 3 steps.

1) Make the Payment via Paypal

2) Send an email with this information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Name or even the name of the desired third-level domain (is. artemisiagentileschi or mugwort-gentile, or mugwort)
  • email address to be configured as an alias yourname@
  • Text biography in. rtf + photo if you wish
  • List of exhibitions in. rtf
  • the first 10 works you wish to insert (the following to insert yourself in a really simple) in. jpg format with good resolution
  • report a desired password to access the control panel (otherwise it will be provided automatically by the system)

3) By 3 working days after sending all the material you will receive by email your username and password to easily update your site.

Simple, is not?

Get Them!

Before joining the read “Terms of Use and limitations


To join now buy your pass in offferta:

Subscription to Artediretta for 1 years *: € 30,00

Option E-Commerce 1 years *: € 30,00

Subscription to Artediretta + E-Commerce per 1 years *: € 50,00 (off € 10,00)



* The subscription period is 12 months from the time the site is online.

The renewal is optional. a 15 days from the date you will receive an Email reminder.