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Born in Piozzano (PC) the 10/01/1969


After graduating in electronics enters the world of computing as a technical manager at one of the first Apple Center in Italy to Image. In this society in 1990 is the first in Italy to test Photoshop 0.9 beta, yet not of the Adobe. It aims to train and approach to computer graphics major advertising agency in milan, that will be customers of Image. Also in the Apple world, is the first to use AT&T Topas, among the leading 3D software for mac. By distributing the cards Truevision approaches the world of video, graphics and titling. He works in this case to make in courses at the RAI in Rome, which will use the card for the first 3D animated titles. Subsequently, a demonstrator for Media 100, between the first cards for video editing in the world for quality. In the following years working with Videosignal for testing new products for the world video.


From 1995 to the 2000

Work at Visualgraphic of piacenza, where she specializes in graphics, multimedia and especially video production. Here he worked with recording systems installation and video mixing GVG (Grass Valley Group) in Betacam SP. In those years produced hundreds of video courses and industrial training videos for companies such as Olivetti, Bayer and other international pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the video will be plenty of multimedia CD-Rom developed especially for the pharmaceutical world. By mentioning the creation of all 3D animations for the first "3D atlas of the human body" in collaboration with the DeAgostini NewMediaAround. Meets Alessandro Gedda and Marco Marchesi agency Factory Prime and offers courses in advanced graphics to internal staff.


From 2000 to the 2005

He moved to Milan at Factory Prime bringing his wealth of experience available to the Agency. Web Factory is established which is responsible for the development of portals and Web sites. The pride of the complete development, Business Service Network in collaboration with the Cremona, the portal Professionecasa.it and Rexfin.it . For all communication is treated Professionecasa, including the creation of several television commercials for Mediaset.

Factory develops later in an important way of packaging design, Exhibitors, stand the 3D and video production. Among the many notable brands Armani, Sharp, Must, Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot, Badedas, Depilzero, Ambipur, THREE, Vodafone, Caimi, Newform.



Born Aforma that creates its own customers, Oneway to develop many multimedia courses for the pharmaceutical world and continues collaboration with Factory Prime and Aleddadrogedda&Partners. Produces video for the presentation of the Italian Stock Exchange Bolzoni. Produce video and graphics for national and international brands.



Aforma moved in Corsico, Milan.


Born portal venditarte.it




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