Concorso Visible White

Registration is now open to participate in Visible White, the international competition for photographers and video artists now in its 3rd edition, edited by Marinella Paderni and Paul di Felice and created by Celeste Network and the Fondazione Studio Marangoni: in palio 3.000 euro prize.

This year's theme is' You see me. Personal Identities in the Digital Age’ and want to investigate the new tendencies of the contemporary portrait artist, brought daily to deal with the visual scenario and to differentiate themselves from the amateur portrait.
“What is the value today of the photographic portrait artist in the digital and social networks in which all become portraitists do-it-yourself?”

The works must be submitted online by adhering 28 February 2014 and must be developed on the basis of the theme proposed by the curators Paul Di Felice and Marinella Paderni.

The photographers and video artists may submit a single work (20 €) or project (45 €), the latter can contain up to 10 works in photography and / or video, and must be accompanied by a statement.

Twenty finalists will be selected by a committee and will exhibit their work at the fsmgallery Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence from 16 May to 16 June 2014.

The Selection Committee is composed of:
– Jim Casper, LensCulture, Paris, France
– Clare Grafik, Head of exhibitions, Photographers Gallery, London, UK
– Hripsime Visser, Curator of Photography presso lo Stedelijk Museum, Netherlands
– Bas Early, Director of Paradox, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Read the Notice of Visible White:

To participate you must be enrolled in Celeste Network, membership is free:

For more info please contact us to Visible White:
Tel and fax: +39 05771521988
Celeste Network Team


Trimodernità & Ranking Art


by Aldo Carrozza

– Germano Alcar
– Gianluca Barrels
– David Disca
– Amelia Morelli
– Mariella Romano
– Carlo Sassi
– Leonardo Scarfò
– Raffaella Vitiello
Emanuela Volpe

Naples / Castle of the Egg
14 September / 1 October

Vernissage Saturday 14 September at 18.30

Technical Partner NEAEXPO 081451358

City of Naples

Selected Artists and Exhibition on the theme of Carnival

A stone's throw from the Janiculum, The Astrolabe Gallery of Rome selects artists for display permanently in the gallery and works for the exhibition on the theme of Carnival 28 Feb – 6 March 2012
Inauguration: 28 February 2012 hours 18:00

The works are selected by the Art Critic Mara Ferloni and Artistic Director Tamara Cibei. The theme of the carnival also extends to works
abstract, informal.

Artists can participate in the following ways:

  • two paintings up to 60×70;
  • a sculpture (for the sculptures to informing you about);
  • photographic works;
  • poetry reading

The participation fee is € 55 to cover expenses.
The membership must be confirmed by 25 February, and entries must be received no later than 26 February.

Among the works selected participants will work for the critics' prize, to extract critical.

The exhibition will present Dr. Mara Ferloni, Art Critic and Artistic Director Tamara Cibei.

Best Regards

Astrolabe Gallery
Via Ludovico di Monreale third 00152 Rome
Artistic Director: Tamara Cibei
+39 339 60 30 795
galleria.astrolabio @