New York Murales

www.newyorkmurales.comThis site aims to be a journey through time in my New York, from the late 80 to date.

The first time I saw the real New York City I was fascinated and enchanted.

This would not have been possible if one of my first trip I had not known Charles Medori, I owe all my gratitude for showing me the true essence of the City. I was infected with his passion for the murals and the roads almost inaccessible, but full of life.

Just out of just from Manhattan to find themselves in very different neighborhoods, where you can hear flavors, odors that originate from anywhere in the world, as if there were many small microcosms of different cultures living together in a large community.

Years of traveling have brought me much satisfaction, both artistic and personal; 11 years ago I exposed about 40 My photos in a solo exhibition in Milan, where I met my husband.

Now he follows me in my travels and is particularly valuable in the construction of the site, in its entirety.

What came out and that is visible on the site is my journey "private" through the maze of this city, multi-faceted, by murals, that is true art.

The motto “Graffiti is an art, not a crime!” is entirely appropriate.

The murals, "telling a story", have a life, sometimes short sometimes long, are very important from a cultural point of view, Social and pollitico.

The murals reflect the hopes, the paure, the tensions, tell of wars in progress or completed, drug problems, leave a memory to Missing Persons, more or less famous. They are a way to understand reality, to understand the disruptions that are occurring; The murals keeping track of everything that happens and you lose both of enormous importance.

Over the years the life of the murals themselves radically altered. Whereas until a few years ago could be seen in every neighborhood murals, in many ways, everything is now almost entirely concentrated in 5 Pointz, as if there was a need to "confine" the art within the walls. It is a great sin, fal as the walls reflect the soul, the sufferings and hopes of an entire country.

Now, if you want to follow me in my journey 20 age,