Thank you

Dear Artist,
we thank you for having accepted our project.

Did we mention the material to be sent by mail to first, to insert:

  • Name and Surname
  • Name or even the name of the desired third-level domain (is. artemisiagentileschi or mugwort-gentile, or mugwort)
  • email address to be configured as an alias yourname@
  • Text biography in. rtf + photo if you wish
  • List of exhibitions in. rtf
  • the first 10 works you wish to insert (the following to insert yourself in a really simple) in. jpg format with good resolution
  • a desired password to access the control panel (otherwise you will be assigned an automatic)

By 1 working day after sending the requested material Your Site Staff will be published and You receive data to access your control panel.

Artediretta Team