“Muse gives e” Exhibition of contemporary art – Lucio Forte

The day 20 March 2012, some works of the painter and architect Lucio Forte Milan, are exhibited at the Art Gallery of Chie Milan in the collective of contemporary art entitled “Muse gives e”. The review emphasizes the sense of historical and artistic beauty of the woman as the protagonist of the scene pictorial, betraying the elegance ofa aesthetic journey that Muse is the achievement of beauty as truth or representation, or to its antithesis.
The aesthetic is defined by Kant as the judgment of taste regarding the beautiful and the sublime in nature and art, riconducendosi the original etymological meaning, by Aisthànomai or Aisthesis or perceive with the senses, I feel, sensation.
And sensations caused by the archetypal beauty that are sources of artistic inspiration.
There are also several other artists, between painters and sculptors showing their personal representations on, thus allowing an interesting comparison and deep synergistic for both the customers that for the same authors.
Vernissage on Tuesday 20 March 2012 hours 18:30.
Free admission.
Chie Art Gallery.
Viale Premuda 27, Milan.
+39 02 36601429.
The exhibition will remain open until the day 31 March, hours Mon 15:00-19:00, Mar-Sab 11:30-19:00.

For more information:

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lucio forte 2012 lipstick 2

lucio strong 2012 lipstick 2