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Artemisia the exhibition ACCESSIBLE ART FAIR 2013

logo_aa_webDays 12-13-14 April 2013 Emanuela Volpe with the artistic group Artemisia will be present-shows:


Space Eventiquattro - The Sun Group 24 Hours

Viale Monterosa 91, Milan


12 April 2012 pm 19.00 at 24.00
13 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00
14 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00


Gallery’s Focus

Deodato Arts (Milan)


Back from 12 to the 14 April 2013 in Via Monte Rosa 91 Milano AAM Art Accessible Milan, event created and directed by Tiziana missing, realized thanks to Art Ipse Dixit in collaboration with PwC, Eventiquattro and Aston Martin.


Also this year AAM fielding the desire to bring more people to contemporary art focusing on the dual concept of "accessibility and quality": Come? confirming the ticket cost of "0 Euro", focusing on the quality of the artists as Ferdinando Scianna and Mimmo Paladino, creating different events conceived and designed ad hoc as the presentation of the book "Investing in Art"written by Claudio Borghi Aquilini (published by Sperling & Copper), but also giving back to the galleries on the role of protagonists and calling them to submit curatorial projects dedicated to emerging artists but not limited to.

Deodato Arts is a young gallery was founded in 2010. Already present at AAM 2012, returns this year focusing on the work of Jose Molina, Madrid artist class 1965, and in particular with the series "The Forgotten" and "AlmaMujer".

"The Forgotten" 'consists of 14 portraits that the artist describes as "human beings broken, of another time, Souls .... back to rid the Earth and tell their stories ..... forget it is they who reveal the hidden pitfalls and paint the doors with the blood of traitors. "Jose gives life and dignity 'to those who have returned to remind us that , approach, participate in order to change.


"AlmaMujer" arises from the need to awaken the 'feminine energy that exists in all of us, transforming it into an instrument of communication, sharing and "survival". It includes over 150 works with different techniques and styles: oil, watercolor, pencil, serigraphy, incision, sculptural elements, the use of natural materials such as roots, wood, stones, moss, branches and grass, representing the strong attraction between women and nature.


edited by: Diana LOMEIHING
Inauguration: Wednesday, 12 December, 2012 – 18:00
Duration of the exhibition: from 12 December 2012 to the 15 January 2013
At: Museum of Natural History – Corso Venezia, 55 – 20121 Milan
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-17.30; (last entry 17.00)
Closing: Monday, 1 January, 1 May, 25 December

Info Point : +39 02 88463337 (Mon-Fri 9.00 – 16.30, Sat Sun and Holidays 9.30 – 17.00)

Switchboard : +39 02 88463280

Fax: +39 02 88463281


Exposure, organized by the cultural Zero, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Milan, sponsored by the Municipality of Brixen (Bz), dal WWF ITALIA e da The Asian Elephant Foundation, inspired the journey made by the elephant Suleiman, in the sixteenth century (was a wedding gift of the kings of Portugal, Archduke Maximilian of Austria), across half of Europe, arousing disbelief, awe and wonder among the populations of the countries met along the way.
Since our elephant stopped in the barn of what was then a simple inn, and which today has become a well-known historic hotel in Bressanone, between December 1551 and January 1552, have passed 460 age!
Suleiman had left puppy from Indian lands (in 1542 at the age of 2 age) to arrive at the Royal Court in Vienna 6 March 1552, and to die, still young for an elephant, the 18 December 1553, between people's indifference and nostalgia for his homeland!
Our SAVE THEM project is aimed at all those who want to contribute to saving the Asian elephant. Through the sale of two-dimensional shapes – A2 – of baby elephants, decorated by internationally known artists, by emerging artists, by sympathizers, schools, etc.., collect funds for the foundation.
In this exhibition, at the Natural History Museum of Milan, over the shapes decorated by various authors, participate 14 artists with works of art designed specifically for the subject matter; some of them come from South Tyrol, where Suleiman has left its indelible mark.
Now, after 460 age, they present with works that, while reflecting very different styles and personalities, join together with the common goal to save elephants, using the universal language of art.



Artemisia (Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Fox) – Mimma Maspoli – Diana LoMeiHing – Sara Montani – Simonetta Ferrante – Christoph Hofer – Gregor Prugger – Hans Peter Demetz – Christian Falk – Ingrid Mair Zischg
Edited by

Zero The association of Diana Mei Hing

Director of the Museum Domenico Piraina

Coordination of the exhibition Mami Azuma


Under the patronage of:

City of Milan, Municipality of Brixen, Brixen Plose, WWF, The asian elephant,

and with the support of General Insurance, Fidea digital printing, Hotel Elephant Bressanone

Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Volpe

(Pea Trolli / Francesca Bruni / Rita Feri Carelli / Renata Ferrari / Emanuela Fox)



Emanuela Fox show in SWISS IN ART 2012

The expressionist painter Emanuela Fox will present some of his works at the International Swiss craftsmanship fine, Swiss Art at the event in collaboration with ARTE LUGANO.


Exhibition Centre
Via Campo Marzio
6900 Lugano Switzerland

Dates and opening hours
Thursday 22 November from 15.30 all 22.30
Friday 23 November from 15.00 all 22.30
Saturday 24 November from 10.30 all 22.30
Sunday 25 November from 10.30 all 20.00

Federica Pasini

Critical / Curator @
such 3348866261




Federica Pasini, critic and art historian and publicist.
Currently collaborating with magazines and public criticism artistic professional sector.
I review books of Italian literature.
I started out as an art critic to the University of Bologna, and then I specialize on painters “Bellini and Tiepolo” at Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, where I also attended the lectures of architecture at the IUAV. of modern and contemporary architecture.
I love to learn and read, I am studying the history of women, photography, cinema, philosophy and literature, both Italian and foreign.
I like books introspective and my favorite movies are the French (“Too Beautiful for You”, “the Amelie”….) and the Italians (“Saturn in Opposition”, “I No!”) …etc., etc., etc.!

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New York Murales

www.newyorkmurales.comThis site aims to be a journey through time in my New York, from the late 80 to date.

The first time I saw the real New York City I was fascinated and enchanted.

This would not have been possible if one of my first trip I had not known Charles Medori, I owe all my gratitude for showing me the true essence of the City. I was infected with his passion for the murals and the roads almost inaccessible, but full of life.

Just out of just from Manhattan to find themselves in very different neighborhoods, where you can hear flavors, odors that originate from anywhere in the world, as if there were many small microcosms of different cultures living together in a large community.

Years of traveling have brought me much satisfaction, both artistic and personal; 11 years ago I exposed about 40 My photos in a solo exhibition in Milan, where I met my husband.

Now he follows me in my travels and is particularly valuable in the construction of the site, in its entirety.

What came out and that is visible on the site is my journey "private" through the maze of this city, multi-faceted, by murals, that is true art.

The motto “Graffiti is an art, not a crime!” is entirely appropriate.

The murals, "telling a story", have a life, sometimes short sometimes long, are very important from a cultural point of view, Social and pollitico.

The murals reflect the hopes, the paure, the tensions, tell of wars in progress or completed, drug problems, leave a memory to Missing Persons, more or less famous. They are a way to understand reality, to understand the disruptions that are occurring; The murals keeping track of everything that happens and you lose both of enormous importance.

Over the years the life of the murals themselves radically altered. Whereas until a few years ago could be seen in every neighborhood murals, in many ways, everything is now almost entirely concentrated in 5 Pointz, as if there was a need to "confine" the art within the walls. It is a great sin, fal as the walls reflect the soul, the sufferings and hopes of an entire country.

Now, if you want to follow me in my journey 20 age,

Print catalogs of digital art

Some examples of catalogs from your PDF files:

Closed format 25 x 36 cm, facades 16 + 4 Cover (8+2 sheets), printing 4+4 colors on the inside and PO250 g g Sirius White Pearl. 350 for the cover. Singer Sewing point.
Price for 20 copy: € 250,00 + VAT

Closed format 24 x 24 cm-bound point singer compounds from 56 pages (facades) interior printed on glossy, opaque 170 g, Cover printed on matt coated 300 g.
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Closed format 21 x 21 cm with perfect bound PUR compounds from 56 pages (facades) interior printed on glossy, opaque 170 g, Cover printed on matt coated 300 g.
Price for 10 copy: € 200,00 + VAT

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Art Print Catalogs Offset

Up to 31 December 2012, You can print your personal catalog at a promotional price extremely advantageous.

  • Format Catalogue 21 x 21 cm
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36pp. interne + cover – Bound with staples

300 copy:
Retail Price € 2467,00
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Retail Price € 2840,00
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300 copy:
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Retail Price € 3140,00
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300 copy:
Retail Price € 2601,00
Special offer: € 2000,00
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500 copy:
Retail Price € 2766,00
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300 copy:
Retail Price € 2870,00
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Retail Price € 3140,00
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48pp. interne + cover – Softcover sewn

300 copy:
Retail Price € 3095,00
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500 copy:
Retail Price € 3440,00
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60pp. interne + cover – Bound with staples

300 copy:
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Retail Price € 3289,00
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60pp. interne + cover – Softcover milled

300 copy:
Retail Price € 3364,00
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500 copy:
Retail Price € 3440,00
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60pp. interne + cover – Softcover sewn

300 copy:
Retail Price € 3543,00
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500 copy:
Retail Price € 3663,00
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London Olympics 2012: Born to shine

“Born to shine” The group of five mannequins is a tribute to the Olympics, the original meaning of these games. Offers an insight into the possible victories but also the richness of diversity, comparison between men of different cultures, that measure seeking to outdo themselves. The phrase is taken from a text of Nelson Mandela, which speaks of equality and moral values, dell’ pride of men born to shine the glory of God. The Africa, on a black body and rough, have shown that initiation of paintings from many African nations also coincides with a collective celebration (Emanuela Volpe). The Europa, sophisticated graphics memory on a green field citing the nature and cultural traces of the old continent (Pea Trolli). The Oceania, a gleaming silver version of the body and covered with watery colors and changing tides (Francesca Bruni). America, two opposing worlds and vital, suspended between past and future (Rita Carelli Feri). L'Asia, bodied stains in contrasting colors for a vibrant and growing mutation (Renata Ferrari).

The beautiful and precious mannequins were donated by Vision Mannequins.

The group Artemisia

Francesca Bruni, nata a Erba (CO) in 1970, lives and works in Milan. He received his artistic maturity, and graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.
He later attended the studio of Professor Luigi Lomanto devoted to increasing the technical drawing and oil painting.
In 1997 joined the group Artemisia. Its business of decorative painting for private, companies and local public.

Rita Carelli Feri born in S. Colombano al Lambro (MI) in 1943. Performs technical studies in Lodi. Following the evening of Brera and a course in Caprese Michelangelo fresco (BE) with Prof.. Saldarelli Academy of Florence. It 'was a pupil of Louis Lomanto.
Founding member of the Group Artemisia. Lives and works in a country house in S. Leonardo.

Renata Ferrari born in Milan on 23-7-1960 lives in Milan and teaches art at the art school "Boccioni".
He received his artistic maturity at the Art College in the Ursuline Sisters of St. Charles 1978. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1982. Founding member of the Artemisia.
It 'was a pupil of Louis Lomanto, Peter Diana, Angela Colombo, Zeno Birolli.

Pea Trolli born in Milan on 20-4-1952.
He received his artistic maturity in 1970 at the Art College Ursulines of S. Charles and his degree in architecture in 1976 Polytechnic of Milan. Founding member of the Group Artemisia. He studied with the painter Luigi Lomanto. Lives and works in Milan, where he teaches and. Art at the middle school "and. Colorni ".

Emanuela Volpe born in Milan on 30-04-1958, lives and teaches in Trezzano sul Naviglio art at the Art College in Milan Boccioni. He received his artistic maturity at Ursuline High School S. Charles in 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1980. Founding member of the Artemisia. It 'was a pupil of Louis Lomanto, Luigi Veronesi, Peter Diana, Angela Colombo, Raffaele degrades, Beppe Devalle, Domenico Purificato, Roberto Sanesi, Dino Lanaro.

Vision Mannequins

Mannequins Vision specializes in the creation and production of display mannequins, made on the basis of casts from real models, ensuring real proportions and optimum fit. Vision Mannequins uses sculptors of clear and demonstrable experience creative, industry-specific "dummies", that lets you create templates "ad hoc" style, in the size or position. These capabilities have allowed Vision Mannequins to be counted among the official suppliers of some of the most famous brand in the fashion world.