START: Artists united for humanitarian initiatives


Great charity event organized by, Cultural Association Start, Humane Society, in favor of Emergency.

From 9,30 all 19,00 – 14 June 2014,
Wisteria Cloister of the Humane Society of Milan, Via San Barnaba 48 - Milan

Start The cultural association that aims to promote the integration of the arts through the promotion of events aimed at raising funds for charity, along with the Humane Society of Milan and Emergency, organize the largest art auction to benefit children in war zones. A day dedicated to art with 24 artists who each donate an artwork that will stop at an auction on the day of 14 June 2014 and the proceeds will be donated to the Emergency Humanitarian Actions. Throughout the day the 14 June 2014 from 9,30 Art exhibition Humanitarian interventions and live performances by artists. To 17,00 The selected works will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to Emergency.

Start Cultural Association

The sense of a new association of artists cutural means, in this historic moment, the sharing of ideas and projects to promote culture in Italy and abroad. Start, this is the name of the fledgling association, aims to bring together within itself not only artists in the field of the visual arts but also, and it is here that we believe to be innovative, figures covering all the arts. From painting, therefore, to sculpture and even from theater to music, classical and contemporary, the literature up to the expressions of dance choreography. All this to try to co-exist in a braided various cultural facilities that our country, In his best artistic tradition, can boast of having. And then the arts represented in the Start, do not walk alone and disconnected from each other but coexist and mingle aimed at one goal, to produce art, as nourishment for the soul. It is also the final sense of what he wants to be the big event of the Expo 2015, nourishing the planet, that turns – and what is art if not a transformation of thought shared – energy for life, that we intend to face substantial regeneration of what we understand to be the human spirit.

Humane Society

The Humane Society is one of the historical institutions of Milan. Ents should, was born in 1893 thanks to the legacy of Moses Prospero Loria, patron of Mantua, that the adjective "humanitarian" did not mean a simple assistance in the form of charity, but operational assistance, he was able to "put the underdogs, without distinction, in the condition noted by itself same, providing them with support, work and education ".


Emergency is an independent and neutral Italian, born in 1994 to provide medical and surgical care free and high quality to the victims of war, landmines and poverty.
Emergency promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights.
The work of Emergency is possible with the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters.
In these 20years, from its inception to the present day, Emergency has treated over 6 million people in 16 Countries.

Marco Baj – Francesca Bruni – Rita Carelli – Expensive – Mario Ciufo – Vittorio Emanuele – Alejandro Ferrante- Renata Ferrari – Carlo Ferreri – Erika Filiposka – Barbara GALBIATI – Mastro – Maria Montanari – Marco Morarelli – Lorenzo Pietrogrande – Cop – Mihaela Popescu – Rank - Pino Roscigno – Lucrezia Ruggieri – Cristina Solano – Nino Tassone – Pea Trolli – Emanuela Volpe.


Artemisia has: Enérgheia, energy all'Opera.

catalogo-artemisia-energheia-1A group exhibition of paintings and sculptures that interpret the energy, heart theme of Expo 2015, through the creativity of five distinct feminine styles and dialoguing.

Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life is the title of that great reality exhibition that will be articulated and EXPO 2015. If Mother Earth will always NUTRITE noi, now it has become daughter. Plundered and exploited the planet today seeks protection, care and nourishment for us. The artists of Artemisia have fully grasped the intensity shy and serious than this voiceless cry, and answered each with its own recognizable style, with the sensibility embodied- nee, living, energy that regenerates. Loving and devoted, reflective and active, the femininity of the five painters is en-érgheia, all’opera, in one of the most archetypal facets of femininity and less rhetoric that could give.

Cristina Muccioli

When: E opening cocktail it 2 April 2014 at 18,30 with an introduction by Cristina Muccioli, critico d’arte.

Where: Gallery Artepassante, station of Porta Venezia MM.
Finissage: the 30 April 2014 all 18,30
Details and info: Renata Ferrari 349.7527048 – Emanuela Volpe 338.6002540 –
Siti web:

Concorso Visible White

Registration is now open to participate in Visible White, the international competition for photographers and video artists now in its 3rd edition, edited by Marinella Paderni and Paul di Felice and created by Celeste Network and the Fondazione Studio Marangoni: in palio 3.000 euro prize.

This year's theme is' You see me. Personal Identities in the Digital Age’ and want to investigate the new tendencies of the contemporary portrait artist, brought daily to deal with the visual scenario and to differentiate themselves from the amateur portrait.
“What is the value today of the photographic portrait artist in the digital and social networks in which all become portraitists do-it-yourself?”

The works must be submitted online by adhering 28 February 2014 and must be developed on the basis of the theme proposed by the curators Paul Di Felice and Marinella Paderni.

The photographers and video artists may submit a single work (20 €) or project (45 €), the latter can contain up to 10 works in photography and / or video, and must be accompanied by a statement.

Twenty finalists will be selected by a committee and will exhibit their work at the fsmgallery Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence from 16 May to 16 June 2014.

The Selection Committee is composed of:
– Jim Casper, LensCulture, Paris, France
– Clare Grafik, Head of exhibitions, Photographers Gallery, London, UK
– Hripsime Visser, Curator of Photography presso lo Stedelijk Museum, Netherlands
– Bas Early, Director of Paradox, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Read the Notice of Visible White:

To participate you must be enrolled in Celeste Network, membership is free:

For more info please contact us to Visible White:
Tel and fax: +39 05771521988
Celeste Network Team


Trimodernità & Ranking Art


by Aldo Carrozza

– Germano Alcar
– Gianluca Barrels
– David Disca
– Amelia Morelli
– Mariella Romano
– Carlo Sassi
– Leonardo Scarfò
– Raffaella Vitiello
Emanuela Volpe

Naples / Castle of the Egg
14 September / 1 October

Vernissage Saturday 14 September at 18.30

Technical Partner NEAEXPO 081451358

City of Naples

La Börs dipinta

A Felice incontra tra art and fashion.
In the hands of the artist Emanuela Volpe a forgotten item back to life.


Paint the 27 June 2013 all 18
The exhibition continues until 7 July 2013
by appointment

…there will also be the crìcrìbags for summer


Arch. Cristina Milisich
via Parravicini 13, 20125 Milan
cellular phone: 3470362960
e-mail: cristina.milisich @

Crìcrìbags by Cristina Milisich

primavera-estate-2013Born in 2010 by Cristina Milisich architect and industrial designer, the brand proposes a dynamic and versatile pointing straight to the heart of its customers with the first line Triptych:
a unique accessory and combined, practical and tailored, made in Italy.
Non one hand between Borse, available separately or combined with one another through endless personalization.

Read more: cricribags




The Serie Violet



CURATOR: ELISA HALLEUX Ph.D. Professor . art historian, Università 'La Sorbonne, Paris.


Professor. Dr. ELISA HALLEUX – The Serie Violet :


150X160CM olio su tela
2010-2013 Private collection.

"An image and 'one where the past meets the present in a flash to form a constellation». This thought of Walter Benjamin's operatives beautifully translates the essence of the work of Gaspare Manos.
This artist and all his works reflect an "encounter"


– 150X160CM olio su tela
2010-2013 Private collection

Meeting, to begin, between different places : universes, culture, Also many languages, His paintings are included in the. L’anima di Gaspare Manos e’ vagabonda, itinerant, and 'precisely this diversity', in this amplitude, in this endless opening words, that it finds its units'. Since its infancy, the artist travels the world, and in his paintings Venice and Africa touch without ever colliding : the distant echoes of the painterly touch of a brisk Tiepolo mingle with powerful forms that recall the property is' majestic and serious of African masks. Cosi’ pure certe figure femminili dalle curve marcate, even exaggerated, evoke archaic goddesses ; but these women of the age 'past are flanked by cherubs' heads Baroque curls, or silhouettes schematic , throw down 'with a few quick strokes and precise, that seem to come from a comic book.

Meeting, accordingly, distinct periods of : survival, or the return, a refinement of all aristocratic, very Settecentesca, comes with one modernity 'radical, visible in the essential trait and its aesthetic choices. While the language of art, perfectly assimilated and dominated, antiquity 'and the Renaissance - Michelangelo, especially, of which we can recognize certain poses such as Slave in the Louvre, or the Genius of Victory, or David – is to feed your imagination of a density 'figurative exceptional.


– 162X114CM olio su tela
2010-2013 Private collection

Gaspare Manos free and breaks the mold in his compositions bypassing any classical conception of space. Another sign of his contemporaneity ', the many cartoons or "sequences" represented in his paintings defy any logical chaining temporal. Everything 'and' left open : the viewer decide to see what he creates a resonance.

Meeting, then, of the figurative and the abstract. The works of Gaspar are regularly punctuated by the rhythm of lines that go up. Verticality 'and upward motion are found both in its descriptions of the city', as in his portraits, in its allegorical inventions and his abstract works.


– 150X160CM olio su tela
2010-2013 Private collection

Meeting, finally, color and stretch, as in this Series Purple , extensive set of drawings done in oil on paper or canvas. The strong graphic appearance of un-esclcude a great attention paid to the effects of matter. In definitiva, the unit 'among all these designs that blend places, subjects, temporality 'and scales of size , is given by a color - purple - which is itself the result of a synthesis. Meeting of the Blue Pointing the spirit, spirituality, the purity of a line freed from all material heaviness, and a red that makes you feel intensely emotional dimension, so passionate and carnal 'meaningful in this series, is the color that brings continuity in the discontinuous. Without the original, the color plays a fundamental role in the structure of the work - a role usually reserved for the design.


– 120X80cm oil on cardboard
2010-2013 Private collection


L 'meeting, it can be seen, thus takes into Gaspare Manos form ambiguous alliance of opposites. The Series Viola and 'fraught with this issue. The artist entrusts us, to resume his own words, a question mark on the world, on the identity 'of things and beings. But his search for a personal form of truth ', or authenticity '- research which we can see the character tireless through the incessant repetition of certain motifs, image of a spirit constantly seeking – this search for what 'is under, of what 'goes beyond' the appearances, the fictitious, illusion, paradoxically passes through the staging of a lie subdued. Pinocchio thus becomes' a ubiquitous figure : like a recurring dream and disturbing, returns from one canvas to another, to cast doubt on the carefree youth of this' naked and love that is offered to our eyes. Similarly masks, under the appearance of faces in which one eye and 'open and another, and' closed ( No leakage) disturb the effervescence and unleashed erotic figures - embracing couples, women who have, young sensual - with multiple variations that animate many of these drawings.
The strange Arcadia that presents itself before and 'an invitation to reflect on our way of being in the world.


The project proposed by the Italian Gaspare Manos (1968) for an exhibition in the city 'of Venice during the 55. International Art Exhibition 2013 (referred to hereafter as the Biennale) PINOCCHIO is titled TOWER OF BABEL SERIES PURPLE and includes works by the artist executed in the period 2010-2013 exposed for the first time in this exhibition.

The project has as its main objective the presentation of works on canvas and cardboard made with the idea of ​​then present thereafter a large ceiling painting on canvas (40m2) to replace the 700 'painted by Francesco Fontebasso (1707‐1769) Duodo Palace in Santa Maria del Giglio (San Marco), Venice, and went missing for almost a century.

Once painted, would be the first major new ceiling performed in Venice in two hundred years, after so many sold and lost, just as the Banquet of Cleopatra of which only a black and white photo of Naya. The ceiling has to be proposed as a form upward architectural structure that lends itself to the concept of Babel. Maintaining the original architectural structure, the artist has the intention to live in a vortex upward a series of memories, people and objects of his inner world - a world that has created drawing on the diverse realities' lived in (Asia 1968‐75) (Africa 1975‐82) (Europe 1983-present).


As we know, the story of Babel explains the confusion of tongues due to the variation of human language. We could interpret the construction of the tower as an act of defiance to God ordered by the tyrant Nimrod, according to the interpretation proposed for the first time in the first century Josephus.

But Gaspare Manos aims to overthrow the classical interpretation with a greater emphasis on explicit ground homogeneity 'cultural and linguistic mentioned in the narrative itself. This reading of the text sees the actions described in Genesis not as a punishment of human pride, but as an etiology of cultural differences: Babel as the cradle of civilization '- as the cauldron of ideas which then increase the universal knowledge.

The key character that does Gaspare interact with objects and characters depicted in the works and proposals' Pinocchio. This wooden puppet who dreams of a real life 'often forced to lie becoming synonymous with lie. C’e’ qui una crudele dualita’: a Pinocchio who escapes from her reality 'of puppet property, and once "alive" invents a further life telling lies - that 'once again inventing other reality'. It makes us' reflect this very character status' in the balance 'of the human; trapped between body and mind: two different worlds and concatenated; that 'the internal (staff / dreamed) and the outer (living / social) - Two worlds that often lie to himself and to others.

A partly autobiographical project, the artist Manos has developed over 40 years to accept his person and become himself: CIOE 'artist. Only by accepting himself and ceasing to live a lie like Pinocchio, the artist was able to interact peacefully with people, information, objects, places and thoughts of its historical and social context - approaching more 'to a state intoxicated with love for all the elements that make up the' his' world and universal encyclopedia. Only by understanding and loving in the same way the constituent elements of this inner world do you talk to the babel and that 'in us.

Pinocchio Babel and then become a strong metaphor for the development of thought and society 'in general, but also a specific metaphor of the complex world of art, its institutions, of collectors, funding mechanisms, of the many hidden messages and forces at play.

The interest of the artist Gaspare Manos for the city ', history, Social Development, chaos, language, the perception, the relative nature of reality ' (especially when it comes to social perception opposed to the individual) and 'behind this SERIES PURPLE exhibited for the first time in Venice in 2013. The theme of Pinocchio and Babel allows the artist to explore themes and topics that fascinate him. One use of the figurative in contemporary goes to show even a skill 'now very rare in the world of art, that of the design - the latter is also know as a metaphor - that 'a return to base (line) to understand the chaos of today (the color).


For this project, the artist has assigned a primary importance, in scope gnoseologic, his experiences of life spent in different continents. The proposed works are therefore a mink “transcendental” of his inner world : Pinocchio Babel and the key to understanding. This SERIES PURPLE and 'the result of a philosophical inquiry which lasted over 20 years and has even prompted the artist Gaspare Manos to get a Ph.D.. in London in 1996.

The key concepts of the project are [1] inner perception as reality 'as opposed to the inner or dream [2] reality 'as mink or social pluralism; [3] the role of the past on the present language and perception; [4] globalization. The key principle behind the artist's thought and that of the Phenomenology, that is, a philosophy that begins with an exploration of the "reality" that presents itself to us in conscious experience as a means to grasp the Absolute Spirit that is behind what we see and live.

With his constant traveling and living around the world for over 40 age, the artist and 'had to dip into various cultures with traditions, languages, ways of thinking, remember and pass on memories of very different – metabolized and internalized them to integrate and learn more about himself and his space / time. In this way the artist gave himself a chance 'access in part and that' a "universal encyclopedia" of knowledge, of fragments of thought with roots totally different. The wonderful diversity 'gave him a vision of this Babel of encyclopedia of universal knowledge where, often the truth 'becomes fiction and fiction becomes truth'.

The artist with these works and the idea to paint a large ceiling subsequently wants to emphasize the transcendental aspect of art in general: the dream that often hides behind the aspiration of knowledge.

It 'also important to note that the new ceiling proposed in this project will' be presented in its context; in a room of the first floor of Palazzo Duodo, San Marco 2506, Venice 30124 Santa Maria del Giglio built by Scamozzi in the 500 '. Once executed at Palazzo Duodo, the ceiling give 'life to a vortex of shapes and color viewable from the bottom of even-even as a picture. View a work from under bending his head implies a completely different psychology - a little 'how to kneel before the greatness of ideas and human actions.


The Foundation non-profit scientific and cultural Eugenio Maria Dario Rustia Traine of Trieste, aims to preserve and protect cultural heritage, artistic, history and literature that are important. The Foundation organizes conferences, concerts and exhibitions in Europe, independently published and promotes the edition of books with third parties, lyrics and discs. It has a rich library (of which can be found on the first line 4.000 security) and 'responsible for the preparation of illustrated periodicals for the documentation and dissemination of the Foundation's initiatives in the world.
They are auditors of the Foundation Traine representatives of the Ministry of Culture Dr. Marco Menato and substitute Dr. Livio The Naia, employees Piero Bonacci and Ada Ceccoli and substitute Marcello Gabrielli.
The Board of Directors of the Foundation is formed, addition to its Chairman, by the Vice President Comm. Liliana Pessina, by the Secretary Dr. Rachel Denon Poggi , by Professor Clare Motka Luxardo that takes care of the cultural, Ferruccio Tommaseo by the engineer who oversees the Accountant General and the Enea de'Vidovich that takes care of the administrative, coordinates the youth sector and contacts with foreign. The music industry is maintained by the teacher and musicologist Sergio Siccardi Julian De Zorzi, one of the exhibitions of plastic arts figurative critic Sergio Brossi.

Foundation of Science and Culture and Dario Eugenio Maria Rustia Traine Via dei Hyacinths, 8 Trieste T: 040.425118 F: 040.4260637 Presidente: On. Renzo de'Vidovich



JURIS & PERL S.a.s in Paolo Juris e C.
San Marco 2950
I – 30124 Venice

Tel.: 0039 041 522 06 03
Fax: 0039 041 528 56 99



"The forms of water": a collective art showroom Newform

You can admire the works of Gaston Mariani, Eugenio Moi, Nada Pivetti

More news from the exclusive showroom di Newform! This time, from 16 to the 23 May, Space will, in via Fiori Oscuri 3 Milano, a group exhibition of art from the title "The forms of water". The collective was born in a space that has water, and design that surrounds every day making it usable, its raison d'être.

The exhibition, that has received the patronage of Brera, è curata da Cristina Muccioli, art critic and professor at the Academy of Brera, combining Gastone Mariani (painter and former Director of the Academy of Brera) Eugenio Moi (painter) and Nada Pivetti (sculptress). Each of the artists will offer a personal view of the element-ever-changing, vital, polymorphous- said that the theme of the exhibition.

The Showroom of Newform is an exhibition environment of great value in the heart of Brera, dedicated to the design, strongly focused on research and propose the Italian excellence with a strong connotation of style and technological innovation. Since he was born, Space tries exchanges of mutual fertilization with the neighboring area of ​​art, proposing events, exhibitions, exhibitions.

Thanks to Newform and activities of the creative workshop Newform LAB will be a new journey of discovery of contemporary art and the water that, through the artists, will be able to elicit interesting multi-sensory perceptions.

"The forms of water" is another project that demonstrates the mission and spirit of Newform and the continuous search of unique experiences and paths where they meet wit, talent, avant-garde, beauty and functionality in all its forms!

"The forms of water" opens Thursday 16 May 2013, with a welcome cocktail, pm 18.30.


Headline: "The forms of water"

Address: Showroom Newform – Via Fiori Oscuri, 3 – Milan

Date: from 16 to the 23 May

Inauguration: 16 May at 18.30 – 21.00

For the other days of the visit is by appointment.

For contacts, Reservations and requests: 333 274.54.51

Entrance is free.


For more information follow the Facebook page:

or the site of Newform:



A history of the Newform,, through time oscillating between past and future. The importance of the link with tradition and experience gained over the years is interwoven, in philosophy with a strong desire to look forward with an eye able to anticipate and suggest new styles and trends.

Thanks to a long experience in assisting the most modern production processes digital, stages of processing and finishing craft, Newform is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail that make each piece unique.

Constantly looking for new solutions in the field of fashion design and technology, the added value that makes Newform a different reality and superior quality is the strong emphasis on responsibility and environmental communication.

An inexhaustible imagination and strong corporate social responsibility Newform guide to the future.


For more information



Maddalena Pasquali

Eleonora Bresesti

Tel.: 02.33499060


Renewal domain

  • 2nd level domain eg. for 1 year
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • 5 account email
  • webmail
  • Preinstallation wordpress with Administrator access
  • 5 GB of monthly traffic
Cost renewal: € 30,00 iva compress

Artemisia the exhibition ACCESSIBLE ART FAIR 2013

logo_aa_webDays 12-13-14 April 2013 Emanuela Volpe with the artistic group Artemisia will be present-shows:


Space Eventiquattro - The Sun Group 24 Hours

Viale Monterosa 91, Milan


12 April 2012 pm 19.00 at 24.00
13 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00
14 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00


Gallery’s Focus

Deodato Arts (Milan)


Back from 12 to the 14 April 2013 in Via Monte Rosa 91 Milano AAM Art Accessible Milan, event created and directed by Tiziana missing, realized thanks to Art Ipse Dixit in collaboration with PwC, Eventiquattro and Aston Martin.


Also this year AAM fielding the desire to bring more people to contemporary art focusing on the dual concept of "accessibility and quality": Come? confirming the ticket cost of "0 Euro", focusing on the quality of the artists as Ferdinando Scianna and Mimmo Paladino, creating different events conceived and designed ad hoc as the presentation of the book "Investing in Art"written by Claudio Borghi Aquilini (published by Sperling & Copper), but also giving back to the galleries on the role of protagonists and calling them to submit curatorial projects dedicated to emerging artists but not limited to.

Deodato Arts is a young gallery was founded in 2010. Already present at AAM 2012, returns this year focusing on the work of Jose Molina, Madrid artist class 1965, and in particular with the series "The Forgotten" and "AlmaMujer".

"The Forgotten" 'consists of 14 portraits that the artist describes as "human beings broken, of another time, Souls .... back to rid the Earth and tell their stories ..... forget it is they who reveal the hidden pitfalls and paint the doors with the blood of traitors. "Jose gives life and dignity 'to those who have returned to remind us that , approach, participate in order to change.


"AlmaMujer" arises from the need to awaken the 'feminine energy that exists in all of us, transforming it into an instrument of communication, sharing and "survival". It includes over 150 works with different techniques and styles: oil, watercolor, pencil, serigraphy, incision, sculptural elements, the use of natural materials such as roots, wood, stones, moss, branches and grass, representing the strong attraction between women and nature.