Places, environmental and architectural, angles, views, characters, moments in the life of their country.

The Worldwide Art Gallery, through its prestigious Club Miniaci, organizes a selection of artists for a living painting, sculpture and photography.

The company Art World, coordinated by the staff of the Miniaci Art Gallery, organizes a selection of artists to be included in a living cultural art, sculpture and photography.

The selected artists will be able to better express their art, in a context, that of Persano * Country Club just outside of Positano and Paestum, teeming with ideas, Culture and history. Just in the story are the inherent purpose of the stay: all artists, de facto, will stop and think deeply about their past, on their origins and the magic of the place of origin.

The context is crucial for us. The place in fact lull and will accompany the artists in their production. Positano, with its exclusive gallery by way of the Mills, able to bring out the magic that has created great works of established artists and the work of emerging artists.

The manner and purpose of the selection are described on the site: