Artemisia has: Enérgheia, energy all'Opera.

catalog-artemisia-energheia-1A group exhibition of paintings and sculptures that interpret the energy, heart theme of Expo 2015, through the creativity of five distinct feminine styles and dialoguing.

Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life is the title of that great reality exhibition that will be articulated and EXPO 2015. If Mother Earth will always NUTRITE noi, now it has become daughter. Plundered and exploited the planet today seeks protection, care and nourishment for us. The artists of Artemisia have fully grasped the intensity shy and serious than this voiceless cry, and answered each with its own recognizable style, with the sensibility embodied- nee, living, energy that regenerates. Loving and devoted, reflective and active, the femininity of the five painters is en-érgheia, all’opera, in one of the most archetypal facets of femininity and less rhetoric that could give.

Cristina Muccioli

When: E opening cocktail it 2 April 2014 at 18,30 with an introduction by Cristina Muccioli, critico d’arte.

Where: Gallery Artepassante, station of Porta Venezia MM.
Finissage: the 30 April 2014 all 18,30
Details and info: Renata Ferrari 349.7527048 – Emanuela Volpe 338.6002540 –
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