Artemisia the exhibition ACCESSIBLE ART FAIR 2013

logo_aa_webDays 12-13-14 April 2013 Emanuela Volpe with the artistic group Artemisia will be present-shows:


Space Eventiquattro - The Sun Group 24 Hours

Viale Monterosa 91, Milan


12 April 2012 pm 19.00 at 24.00
13 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00
14 April 2012 pm 10.00 at 22.00


Gallery’s Focus

Deodato Arts (Milan)


Back from 12 to the 14 April 2013 in Via Monte Rosa 91 Milano AAM Art Accessible Milan, event created and directed by Tiziana missing, realized thanks to Art Ipse Dixit in collaboration with PwC, Eventiquattro and Aston Martin.


Also this year AAM fielding the desire to bring more people to contemporary art focusing on the dual concept of "accessibility and quality": Come? confirming the ticket cost of "0 Euro", focusing on the quality of the artists as Ferdinando Scianna and Mimmo Paladino, creating different events conceived and designed ad hoc as the presentation of the book "Investing in Art"written by Claudio Borghi Aquilini (published by Sperling & Copper), but also giving back to the galleries on the role of protagonists and calling them to submit curatorial projects dedicated to emerging artists but not limited to.

Deodato Arts is a young gallery was founded in 2010. Already present at AAM 2012, returns this year focusing on the work of Jose Molina, Madrid artist class 1965, and in particular with the series "The Forgotten" and "AlmaMujer".

"The Forgotten" 'consists of 14 portraits that the artist describes as "human beings broken, of another time, Souls .... back to rid the Earth and tell their stories ..... forget it is they who reveal the hidden pitfalls and paint the doors with the blood of traitors. "Jose gives life and dignity 'to those who have returned to remind us that , approach, participate in order to change.


"AlmaMujer" arises from the need to awaken the 'feminine energy that exists in all of us, transforming it into an instrument of communication, sharing and "survival". It includes over 150 works with different techniques and styles: oil, watercolor, pencil, serigraphy, incision, sculptural elements, the use of natural materials such as roots, wood, stones, moss, branches and grass, representing the strong attraction between women and nature.